Snag Tights ~ Swimming Pool FOOTLESS ~ Size 80F

Available to purchase with your new skirt!



Skirt Fanatic are proud to be stockists of Snag Tights ~ please note we sell them as an ‘add-on’ to your skirt purchase, and are not sold separately.

80F Denier Tights – Swimming Pool FOOTLESS

We totally endorse exactly what Snag say ‘on the tin’!  Our classic tights – warm, cozy and so stretchy and soft. They are so comfy you won’t want to take them off, even after an 8 hour shift. Now including exceptionally cute colours. 

80F Will suit
Athletic build (small or flat bum and/or tum)
UK size 20 & 22 Height 5’9-6’5
UK size 20 & 22 Height 5’4-5’8
Curvelicious (prominent bum and/or tum)
UK size 16 & 18 Height 5’9-6’5
UK size 20 & 22 Height 5’4-5’8
UK size 24 & 26 Height 5’4-5’8

Not your size? Please refer to the size guide images to find the perfect size for you!




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