Black Soft Drape Wrap Pants

🧡 These super versatile wrap pants are an absolute must have! 🧡

Adjust the ties to fit you perfectly every time.

Super classy and totally adjustable



Wow!  Probably the most comfortable and elegant black trousers that you will ever own!  They look amazing dressed up in heels and a satin shirt or cool as in pumps and light knit – they are THE BEST EVER!!

You just won’t want to take these off!

Completely adjustable around the waist and will fit a UK Size 10 to UK Size 18 approximately.  The easiest way to decide if these gorgeous trousers will fit you is to measure your waist.  If you are between 74cms and 120cms then they will simple tie to fit you.  They are 100cms in length.

  • Tie one waist panel around your waist and fasten at the back
  • Pass the material through your legs
  • Find the remaining ties and bring around to the front of your waist and you’re good to go!

Made from Rayon and best cared for using a gentle 30 degree wash and air dry.

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