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No Cinders Tulle Luxe Maxi Skirt – Medium

Fairytale Tulle Luxe Skirt



❤️ This skirt is delicious ❤️

Elegant, timeless, stunning and so easy to wear.  Dress up in heels or sparkly sandals or really funk it up with boots, a tee and a cropped jacket.

We’ve found the perfect sizing too, this delightful skirt has an elasticated waist that is so well made it will sit perfectly on your hips or waist to create the look you want.

Medium Length  94cm
Medium Waist Min 68 cm – Max 108cm

Click here for small size

This skirt will not disappoint!

Fabric: Nylon

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No Cinders Tulle Luxe Maxi Skirt – Medium

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